Account Login

Segregated Funds Login

To ensure the security of your personal information, the online access to your segregated funds account statement uses a two step process.

  1. Register: The first step is to register a User ID and Password you create. It only takes about five minutes and you can do it today using the instructions below.
  2. Activate: Within a few days after you've registered, you'll receive a confirmation letter and activation code in the mail. When you receive this letter, sign in again using the User ID and Password you chose when your registered. On the Sign In screen, click Activate and follow the instruction.

To Start

  1. Go to and locate the Client Services section on the home page.
    Select Personal Investements.
  2. Select Personal Investments in the drop-down box and click 'Go'.
  3. The Sign In screen will appear.

Begin Registration

  1. On the Sign In screen, locate the First Time User section and select Register.
    Select Register.
  2. Review and accept the Terms of Use.
  3. Confirm your identity.
  4. Set-up your own User ID, Password and other important information in your online profile.