Mapping Your Financial Success

About Edmond Financial Group

Edmond Financial Group provides comprehensive financial planning services in order to help our clients accumulate, preserve and consolidate wealth.

We Have Expertise in Meeting Personal Needs
  • Providing personal investment, retirement and estate planning
  • Recommending and executing disability, critical illness and life insurance policies
  • Setting up education savings plans
  • Offering financial advice relating to home purchase and vacation property management
We Have Proficiency in Fulfilling Corporate Requirements
  • Designing and servicing group benefits packages
  • Offering strategies for protecting key people
  • Developing buy-sell agreements which layout what will happen to the partnership in the event of the death, disability or critical illness of a partner or major shareholder
  • Suggesting strategies for ensuring a smooth transition of the business to future generations

Our Products

As an independent financial solutions provider, Edmond Financial Group has the flexibility to work with only those suppliers who offer the highest quality products. We continually study the marketplace to help ensure that our recommendations to you are backed by the most current possible information.