Business Financial Planning

The Business Financial Planning Knowledge Base gives companies the information they need to protect the best interests of those who helped build or support it.

Protect Employees...
Whatever your Group Benefits requirements, Edmond Financial Group makes the most competitive group insurance products available to you. We offer a comprehensive range of group benefit plan options, including life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, medical reimbursement plans, health & welfare trusts, and retirement benefits. We also offer an insurance product called ELITE U.S. Healthcare™ which would allow your employees to avoid long wait times for medical care in Canada.
Protect Key People...
Retain top performers through the benefits of a shared ownership agreement on permanent life insurance, protect against the death of a partner or major shareholder with key person insurance, or protect against prolonged absences of key people due to long wait times for medical care in Canada with ELITE U.S. Healthcare™.
Protect Your Family
Estate planning is a part of business and ensures a smooth transition for the business as ownership changes and taxes are paid after you retire or die.
Buy-Sell Agreements
If you are a partner or major shareholder in a company, you should consider drawing up a buy-sell agreement. Buy-Sell agreements layout what will happen to the partnership or company in the event of the death or disability of a partner or major shareholder.