Group Insurance

Short-Term Disability Benefits

The short-term disability benefit provides coverage for illness or injury occurring on or off the job. Co-ordination with Workers Compensation benefits is standard along with a wide selection of benefit start dates, maximum benefit periods and taxable/non-taxable formulas.

Short-Term Disability Benefits
Waiting Period Accident - 0, 7, 14 calendar days
Sickness - 3, 7, 14 calendar days
Duration of Benefits 15, 17, 26 weeks
Benefit Formula Taxable: 55% or 66.67 - 75% of earnings
Non-taxable: 60 - 66.67% of earnings
First Day Hospital Optional
Occupational Coverage Supplementary to Workers Compensation benefits
EI Premium Reduction Qualifies with all plan designs

Long-Term Disability Benefits

The long-term disability benefit offers protection against disease or injury, which would prevent an employee from working for an extended period of time. A variety of options are available, allowing the program to be tailored to a client's needs. All group clients are offered generous non-evidence maximums based on the size of their group.

Long-Term Disability Benefits
Waiting Period 120, 180 days if plan has short term disability
90, 120, 180, 365 days if plan is without short term disability
Definition of Disability Initial assessment period: own job - 24 months
Subsequent assessment period: any job - 50%, 60%, 70% of pre-disability earnings
Benefit Formulas Taxable: 66.67 - 75% of earnings
Non-taxable: 60 - 66.67% of earnings + graded formulas
Overall Maximum $6,000 per month
Coordination Level Taxable plans: 80% of gross earnings all-source maximum
Non-taxable plans: 85% of take home pay all-source maximum
Benefit Period 2 years, 5 years or to age 65
Survivor Benefits 0, 3 or 6 months
Cost of Living Adjustment 0%, 3%, 4%, 5%
Grandfathering With approval
Conversion Privilege Optional
Pre-existing Condition Limitation 90 days/1 year or 90 days/2 years insured