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The site has been designed to support browsers of all types, but is best experienced with Internet Explorer 6, or a Mozilla based browser such as Firefox or Netscape 7. Users of older browsers (Internet Explorer 4, or Netscape 4) are strongly encouraged to upgrade to one of the newer browsers. We recommend FireFox as a good choice for security, speed, and ease of use.

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Some pages have been enhanced with JavaScript, but you will always be able to access a page or file if you do not have JavaScript enabled. The printable calculator reports are the only exception to this rule. Pop-up blocking software may intefere with this and some other features as well. You may need to set your software to allow to open pop-up windows.


To ensure that you can view all site information without restrictions, you will need the following list of plugins.


Get QuickTime The EFG videos are presented using Apple's QuickTime video streaming software. QuickTime was chosen for its superior display and audio quality, and smaller file sizes. QuickTime is available by free download from Apple's site.

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Adobe Acrobat

Get AcrobatAdobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print forms and reports. Acrobat Reader is available by free download from Adobe's site.

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Java 2

Get JavaOur financial calculators use Java for powerful and fast calculations, charting and report generation. The Java plugin is available by free download from Sun's Java site.

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