Group Benefits

Group Benefits can play a key role in helping you attract and retain quality employees. A benefits plan may include dental care, vision care, healthcare benefits, short- and long-term disability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, life insurance for employees and their dependents, medical reimbursement plans and health and welfare trusts.

If your business meets the following criteria, it is eligible for group benefits:

  • The company is financially stable and has been in business for at least two years
  • Employees are not engaged in high-risk occupations
  • The employer is prepared to share at least 25% toward the cost of the plan
  • The company has a low employee turnover
  • Coverage is only required for employees working at least 24 hours per week
  • The employer has a stable track record with previous insurance carriers

Whether you represent a small business or a large one, we can shop the market to find the plan that best suits your needs at the best possible price.

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