Personal Financial Planning

The Personal Financial Planning Knowledge Base is a collection of informative articles, charts and tables to provide detailed understanding of financial planning issues and products.

Protect Your Family...

Insurance allows you to protect your family by protecting your income. Death, disability, critical illness, and general medical expenses can place a heavy burden on you or your family’s ability to meet financial needs.

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Family & Lifestyle...

A collection of topics for managing family life concerns, including RESPs and In-Trust Accounts for your child’s education, Long Term Care Insurance for your parents, home purchase, vacation property management and realistic saving strategies.


The investing section covers the issues and mechanics of investing and strategies and calculators to help you save money. Get an introduction to investment risk management, then measure your risk tolerance through our tolerance questionnaire and receive the resulting match to a balanced portfolio that fits your profile.

Read about what you should expect for returns on your investments, and how mutual funds, stocks, and bonds work.

Planning Retirement...

A wealth of information for building retirement strategies, with valuable notes on portfolio management for retirement.

Learn about using life insurance for lifestyle money and how to maximize the use of your RRSPs, or read about retirement timing considerations, and the rates available for public pension plans and RRIFs.

Pay Less Tax...

The Art of Tax Minimization Strategies is an interesting list of options for reducing your taxes.

An introduction to trusts and how they are used, and what the costs are for maintaining one.

Gifting comes with its own considerations for taxation and set of attribution rules when giving to family. There’s more on attribution rules for income splitting, spousal RRSP withdrawals, and a table of gift and loan attribution rules.

We also have the rates for annual RRSP contributions, and the federal and provincial tax rates.

Estate Planning...

We’ve outlined the preparations and considerations for starting your estate plan with a checklist to follow. Get to understand the need for, and operation of your will, and what to consider when selecting your executor.

Take a look at estate planning with taxation in mind.