ELITE U.S. Healthcare™

Long wait times for medical care are a troubling reality in Canada. We've all felt the pain of a loved one who has been told to wait for heart surgery, wait for cancer treatment or wait for a hip replacement - and many business owners have experienced the added strain of trying to manage in the absence of partners or key employees who cannot work because they are sick or injured and waiting for care.

What if you didn't have to wait?

ELITE U.S. Healthcare™ is a cost-effective, tax-effective insurance plan for individuals and businesses that gives the insured immediate access to medical treatment for any illness or injury with a wait time in Canada.

This elimination of wait times for medical care reduces the emotional distress suffered by patients and their family members, and allows corporations to minimize the stress and financial risks that can arise from executive and key personnel downtime.

ELITE U.S. Healthcare™ 1:

In addition, ELITE U.S. Healthcare™ is tax-effective 2.

Finally, it should be noted that 90% of ELITE U.S. Healthcare™ applications are approved and that even those who've been declined Critical Illness insurance on the basis of age or pre-existing conditions may qualify.

1 Comprehensive details regarding coverage can be found in the written policy - please see your Edmond Financial Group Advisor for further information

2 Note that the comments concerning tax considerations should not be considered tax advice. Individuals and businesses considering the purchase of this product should seek independent professional advice concerning any tax consequences in their particular situation