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Life Insurance

Life insurance is about protecting the people you love and who are dependent upon you. It is the best way to create a safety net to preserve your family's lifestyle, dreams and aspirations in the event of death, disability or illness. Combined with investments, retirement and estate planning, life insurance is a fundamental part of a sound financial plan.

Life insurance is a common component of estate plans. It can provide tax-free cash when it is needed the most. A good life insurance program does more than just replace the loss of income when you die. It should also provide money to cover the new costs that arise after your death. It can be used to provide:

Lack of sufficient life insurance coverage when a loved one dies can have devastating consequences for a family that can last for years.

For nearly everyone, life insurance protection is a key component of a comprehensive financial plan. This is a great way for anyone - even if they don't have a lot of capital - to guarantee that a substantial sum of money is available to their heirs when they die.