The EFG Videos

The EFG videos are a concise overview of the products and services EFG offers to private and business clients. It is our intent to provide a clear understanding to the viewer on what the benefits of financial planning are, what needs to be considered and addressed, and why Edmond Financial Group is a clear choice when selecting a financial planner.

Shot in the Edmond Financial Group offices and around Winnipeg during the summer and fall of 2002, the videos are the sum effort of the entire staff at EFG and the award winning production team at Farpoint Films.

Welcome to EFG

Paul Edmond welcomes you to Edmond Financial Group. Paul describes the benefits of financial planning and why Edmond Financial Group is a clear choice for financial advice.

Duration: 1 min 25 sec
Size: 8.1 MB

Portfolio Management

Paul explains portfolio diversification and investmet correlation. Methods of diversification include by country, asset mix, investment quality, and investment managers.

Duration: 2 min 28 sec
Size: 13.2 MB

Group Benefits

EFG's group insurance plans include life, disability, and pension options, together with a range of additional options. Our plans are optimized for any applicable tax benefits, and will be customized to suit your company's needs.

Duration: 1 min 46 sec
Size: 10.1 MB


Paul outlines the path to success in fluctuating markets through disciplined long-term investment strategies, and realistic expectations for returns on investments.

Duration: 2 min 13 sec
Size: 12.0 MB


Retirement dreams are realized through generating sufficient income, reducing taxes paid, and maximixzing investment growth. Don't plan to be one of the 65% of Canadians that haven't put away enough for a comfortable retirement.

Duration: 1 min 54 sec
Size: 11.8 MB


Life insurance is at the heart of a sound financial plan. See how life insurance death benefits can make a difficult time easier, or how disability insurance can save you from financial trouble if you should become disabled.

Duration: 2 min 23 sec
Size: 13.2 MB