E-Courier Tutorial for Apple Devices – June 2021

For a tutorial with E-Courier on Apple devices click the following link: Click Here.

Step-by-step written tutorial:

Step 1: Click the link in the email from E-Courier. (It will come to your primary email every time you get an E-Courier package).

Step 2: Log in to your account with your email and password you created. Note: If this is your first time receiving an E-Courier it will require you to fill in your phone number and create a password, which will be used to login in the future.

Step 3: Once logged in it will bring you to your inbox page. When you click on the messages it will give you some options. The easiest way to view the message would be to click on the message and when it is in quick view click on the More tab.

Step 4: There will be lots of options to download all, print, reply. The download all button will download the message and attachments which will be in a zip folder. If you click on the attachment itself as I do in the video it will give you an option to download or view the file.

Step 5: When you download the attachments, it will go under the blue download arrow on the top right-hand side of your Apple device.

Step 6: To view saved/downloaded files and documents go to your home screen and drag down or drag right on your screen to get a search bar. Search files it is an app within Apple devices.

Step 7: Once opened it will either start you on a page that has “Browse” on the top of the screen or already in your downloaded section. If on the Browse section click on iCloud Drive then Downloads and everything will be stored there. You can view or delete files anytime.