Risk Tolerance


Your answers to these questions will help us assist you in developing an appropriate portfolio, which takes into consideration your personal preferences, financial goals, personal background, and your personal tolerance for investment risk.


There are 20 questions designed to measure your tolerance to financial risk. Answer all of the questions before calculating your risk tolerance.

  • Your Present Situation

  • Under 3030 to 3940 to 4950 to 5960 to 6970 and over
  • Full-timePart-timeRetiredHomemakerUnemployedStudent
  • Very certainQuite certainSlightly uncertainExtremely uncertain
  • Retired1-2 years3-5 years6-9 years10-20 yearsMore than 20 years
  • NoneOneTwoThreeFour or more
  • Under $30,000$31,000 to $60,000$61,000 to $100,000$101,000 to $150,000$151,000 to $250,000Over $250,000
  • Under $100,000$101,000 to $250,000$251,000 to $400,000$401,000 to $650,000$651,000 to $1,000,000Over $1,000,000
  • 8. To better understand how you invest your money now, please provide the approximate percentage of your investments, which are invested in equities. There are many different types of investments, however most fundamentally fall into one of two major categories:
    • Equities, such as common stocks, equity mutual funds, preferred shares, options and real estate
    • Fixed Income, such as Term Deposits, Bonds, Mortgages, T-bills and Money Market
  • Under 25%25-50%51-75%Over 75%Don't know
  • Your Investment Timeline

  • Less than 5 years5-10 years11-19 years20 years or more
  • Under 25%25% to 40%41% to 70%Over 70%
  • Your Comfort Levels

  • 1- Strongly agree2345 - Strongly disagree
  • 1 - Strongly agree2345 - Strongly disagree
  • 18. Before knowing how markets will perform over a five-year period, which portfolio would you be most likely to purchase?*

    Portfolio Performance
    Five-Year Average

    Portfolio Anticipated Return 90% Chance Possible Loss 10% Chance
    A 5% 0%
    B 6% -1%
    C 7% -2%
    D 8% -3%
    E 9% -6%
  • Portfolio APortfolio BPortfolio CPortfolio DPortfolio E
  • 19. The following graph illustrates four hypothetical portfolios and their range of returns over a one-year period.

  • Portfolio APortfolio BPortfolio CPortfolio D