E-Courier Tutorial for Windows & Mac – September 2021

For a tutorial with E-Courier on Windows or Mac click the following link: Click Here.


Step-by-step written tutorial:

Step 1: Locate the email from Edmond Financial Group. It will be called ‘New Secure e-Package Re: (Subject) and the from name will be ‘(Employee name) of Edmond Financial Group.

Step 2: Click the link within the email. If you are signing up for the first time enter your phone number & password. (Remember your password as it will be used to access packages in the future.) If you already have an account just sign in using your email and password you have set. (If you ever get locked out email to get it reset.

Step 3: It will automatically open the e-Package in quick view when you click the link. In the quick view, tab click the button ‘More…’ to open the message in a bigger view.

Step 4: View & read. Download any files attached to the e-Package. It will automatically download when you click the file above the secure message.

Step 5: You can reply to the message or send confidential information if required. This is the best way to send Edmond Financial Group any information. It is the most secure service that uses the best encryption for the safety of the client. There is no backdoor access whatsoever which means it cannot be accessed by the company of E-Courier. Every e-Package gets permeant deleted after a certain timeframe we set. In most cases we set the e-Package to expire in one month).

Step 6: Done!