Selecting an Advisor

When you’re sitting across the desk from your financial planner, you need to:

  • Know that they’re well qualified to be advising you
  • Be able to understand what they’re talking about and why it’s important to you
  • Trust that your best interests are their first and only priority
  • Be able to rely on them to respond when you need advice fast

Questions you may want to ask us or any other financial advisor include:

  • What are your qualifications?
  • What experience do you have?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What is your approach to financial planning?
  • Will you be the only person working with me?
  • How will I pay for your services?
  • How much do you typically charge?
  • Could anyone besides me benefit from your recommendations?
  • Are you regulated by any organization?
  • Can I have it in writing?
  • How will the recommended strategy help me reach my retirement goals?
  • What risks are associated with the recommended strategy?
  • How much will the recommended strategy cost me now, and in the future?
  • Why are you recommending this investment?
  • How does this investment fit with my retirement plan?
  • What is the performance record of this investment?
  • Are you receiving fees for the sale of this investment product? If so, how much?
  • Will this investment alter my asset allocation?